Brand of the Month: Vestfrost

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Blue Badger Wholesale are delighted to present Vestfrost as May's brand of the month. Quite simply one of our favourite brands. Quality, reliable, well made equipment at affordable prices. There is a reason that Blue Badger have been the UKs number one importer of Vestfrost for over 10 years. 

As Vestfrost’s main UK partner, we have been working on a solution for this for a long time and as you will have seen in Catering Insight, Vestfrost agreed to give notice to their old provider allowing us to take control. This means that all future units purchased through Blue Badger will be supported by our in house service team.

We are delighted to have been able to reach a solution with Vestfrost that will significantly improve the after service experience for your customers. We know how important this is to distributors. Happy customers purchase more, less time spent on service means more time free to follow up sales.

Your customers experience of our service starts with the delivery experience and Blue Badgers transport network offers some unique benefits:

1. Next day delivery available to 98% Uk postcodes
2. Every unit sent on a 2 man service. There is no need for your customer to choose between fast delivery and the additional services they require
3. Unpacks and positions get the unit to the location it needs to be even when that is upstairs
4. The best value like for like disposals in the industry
5. 2 hour ETA timeslots and online tracking. No need for your customer to wait in all day
6. Evening timeslots now available. Popular with takeaways and late night venues. A 6-9pm delivery slot means they don’t have to get to site earlier than usual.
7. AM deliveries from 7am to help with those customers who start and finish their day earlier

We also continue to strive to make closing your Vestfrost sale simpler. Our new website allows you to simply add your price and logo to a spec sheet of any product, making it simple, quick and straightforward to send a professional branded quote and specification to your customer.

Come join us at the Commercial Kitchen Show 4th and 5th June where we will be displaying some of Vestfrost’s most popular products.

Alternatively you can download our new Blue Badger Vestfrost brochure by clicking on this link

Blue Badger Vestfrost Brochure