Choosing the right Commercial Laundry Equipment is vital; too small and you risk over-worked equipment unable to meet the demand but by going too large you waste energy, space, and of course money. That’s why as one of the UK’s leading Commercial Laundry Suppliers, Blue Badger Wholesale strives to keep things simple. Our comprehensive Industrial Laundry Range has a solution for every application from light-duty occasional use to heavy-duty frequent use. We offer a range of Washers, Dryers and Laundry Accessories from leading brands such as Whirlpool, Samsung and Electrolux. With large capacities up to 16 kg, energy ratings of A+++ and fully WRAS compliant models available. We can help to arrange site surveys and installs, or we can just drop off machines for you or your customer to install yourselves. Either way, you can be sure that the products, prices and service will be an exceptional investment.

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Blue Badger Wholesale is a trade supplier of Commercial Laundry, Professional Laundry and Industrial Laundry.
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