Voucher Offer

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This Offer has now Finished - Please email sales@bluebadger.co.uk to request your vouchers

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Terms & Conditions

Any purchase made during the promotional period (1st July to the 30th September) on a Whirlpool, Vestfrost or Sterling Pro product is eligible to receive a £10 Love2Shop voucher. This offer excludes spare parts, accessories and graded units. It cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer

In order to earn vouchers you must be signed up to the promotion. Vouchers will not be backdated to orders placed before your sign up date even if they were made during the promotional period.  The voucher offer cannot be used with any other offers from Blue Badger.

Each company can only have one sign up. By signing up to the promotion you are confirming that you have authority to manage the scheme on behalf of your company. All vouchers will be directed to the person who signed up for them to use or distribute as they see fit. If you would like to opt your company out of this scheme please contact us at sales@bluebadger.co.uk

Vouchers will not be sent out automatically and must be claimed within 30 days of the end of the promotion.  All vouchers will be sent following a full audit and vouchers will not be issued following return of goods and/or should any credit account be overdue. Benefit in Kind tax is the responsibility of the recipient.

Terms and Conditions for Love2Shop vouchers apply and can be reviewed on their website here.