Sterling Pro offers dealers ‘alternative option’

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Catering equipment wholesaler Blue Badger says its new range of commercial refrigeration products is designed to plug a gap in the market for UK dealers.

The Andover-based firm insists its brand, Sterling Pro, ticks all the boxes for any distributor seeking refrigeration that meets a certain price point without having to source from places such as China.

Managing director, Mark Alexander, explained: “The Sterling Pro range of refrigeration equipment offers an alternative option for dealers whose customers do not have the budget to pay for premium range products, but equally do not want to buy inferior quality fridges and freezers that have been sourced from the Far East.”

He added: “All Sterling Pro heavy duty products are manufactured in Europe to European standards and offer dealers a balance between quality, durability, reliability and price.”

Blue Badger says that all its refrigerated counters and freezers are manufactured with a heavy-duty ventilated system that has been designed to stand up to the toughest environments and can cope with high ambient temperatures of up to 38°C.

One dealer that has already invested in the kit is Sussex-based Tavern Equipment. The company’s managing director, Mark Spencer, said: “I was really impressed with the quality of these products. I am a refrigeration engineer by trade and recently bought a two-door Sterling Pro counter at around £665. This was about the same price as a Chinese-made product I recently sold. My customer even mentioned the quality improvement and was delighted.”

Blue Badger stocks all Sterling Pro models in the range, as well as a full selection of spares. Orders can usually be despatched by its delivery team within two to three working days.

The factory where Sterling Pro units are built has been manufacturing high-end refrigeration for more than 20 years, according to the company.

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